2020 Dental Resolutions

It’s the start of a new year, new decade, and a new season of opportunities. Whether or not you have made New Year’s Resolution’s in the past, this year we encourage you to make a 2020 resolution to try and better yourself at the start of the new decade. And, as your dental team, we specifically would love to see our patients try a New Year’s Dental Resolution. Oral hygiene is connected to all over body health, and as new research comes out we are finding dental health is even more important than ever before because of its implications in total body health. Additionally, practicing good oral hygiene will also save you money by helping to prevent the need for dental treatments such as fillings. There is no better time than now to start practicing good oral hygiene, and luckily we have a list of potential resolutions for you to try out!

  • Floss every single day. If you’re already doing this, start flossing twice a day. If you never floss, try starting every other day and then working your way up to every day. Flossing helps to prevent gum inflammation and diseases such as periodontal disease, and also helps get food and bacteria that was stuck between your teeth out to prevent cavities. Try Dr. Depp’s favorite Cocofloss. It comes in flavors such as strawberry and vanilla and is coated with coconut oil to decrease inflammation in the gums and help the floss slide between your teeth easier.  
  • Brush twice a day. If you already do this maybe try brushing after lunch as well! Brushing is the best way to get built up bacteria and leftover food off your teeth, and also freshens your breath. This is such an important key to bettering your oral hygiene.
  • Purchase a Waterpik water flosser or a Sonicare electronic toothbrush. Proper oral hygiene is so important, and these cool dental tools help make oral hygiene easy, can be more effective than traditional methods, and can help improve your oral hygiene in 2020. We sell both of these products in-office, so stop by to purchase one or both!
  • Chew more sugar free gum. Yes, your dental office is telling you to chew gun! Chewing sugar free gum between meals helps to get leftover bacteria off your teeth and actually helps to clean them! Bonus points if you use Xylitol – this tasty sugar-replacement actually helps fight cavity causing bacteria in your mouth as well.
  • Start using mouthwash. Mouthwash is a great tool to eliminate extra bacteria in your mouth and freshen breath. However, not all mouthwash is created equal.  Make sure to ask your hygienist about good mouthwash options.  Add this to your daily routine to improve your oral health!
  • Eat less sugar. Sugar is a huge culprit for causing cavities. It sticks to your teeth, eats away at bacteria, causes acid buildup and in turn causes cavities. Try to cut back on the sugar in 2020, you may also experience other benefits from this like losing weight as well!
  • Drink more water!  Not the bottled waters that may actually have had the good minerals removed and be detrimental to your teeth, but good old-fashioned filtered tap water.  If you really want to drink a bottled water, look for those that have a balanced or more “basic” pH.  In pH the higher the number the more “basic” the water is.  Waters that are in the 7-9 range are better for your teeth.  
  • Schedule your dental appointment. Whether you’ve been putting off your biannual cleaning for a few months, or have unscheduled treatment that is causing you pain, make it a resolution to call our office and schedule that treatment you’ve been putting off. 

We hope this list has inspired you to make a resolution this New Year and to improve your oral health in 2020. Don’t forget to call our office at 859-442-8200 for any questions you may have about your oral health, and to schedule a cleaning to start the new decade with great oral health.

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