Caveman teeth better than today's teeth?

Close-up of man's perfect teeth (© Tetra Images/Corbis)

Cavemen probably had better teeth than you do, scientists say

A dentist would probably be impressed with a caveman's teeth: New research indicates prehistoric humans had almost no cavities or gum disease. An international team examined DNA extracted from the dental plaque of prehistoric northern European human skeletons, and traced how oral bacteria changed from hunter-gatherers to medieval farmers to modern farmers. They concluded that the hunter-gatherers had much healthier mouths than we do. Our diets are to blame for the difference: All those refined carbohydrates and sugars we shovel into our mouths leave them full of cavity-causing bacteria, whereas hunter-gatherers had a meat-heavy, grain-free diet. [Source] 

Ask any dentist and they would not be surprised by this research.  The amount of sugar and carbohydrates that we innudate the oral cavity with these days is astounding!  From sugary soft drinks to energy drinks to sour candy that dissolves enamel we love our sugar and the connection between sugar and bacteria in the mouth causing cavities has been proven.

I think the idea is a balance between protein, greens and fruits.  Try to put in your mouth mostly foods that do not come from a box or bag and you will be better than most.  That's a lofty goal that we all can reach for!