Don't Let Summer Break Sneak Up On You!

As the nights start to get shorter, you can’t help but realize that summer is almost over! That also means that school will be starting, as well as less time on your hands. Now is the perfect time to schedule regular dental check-ups, before it’s to late and busy school schedules begin. Dr. Ansley Depp wants to inform you about some newer cosmetic dental options offered to the Northern Kentucky & Highland Heights residents. Some of the dental services other than regular teeth cleanings we offer to our patients are: Oral Health Importance
  • Mini implants
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Invisalign treatment
  • Veneers
  • Teeth whitening
  • Extractions
  • TMJ treatment
  • Dental crowns

New Options to Make Your Visit More Pleasant

We believe that dental visits should not be feared. We now offer many anti-anxiety alternatives to help you stay relaxed at our office, such as a sedative.
Sedatives are used to help the patient relax during a dental visit. One that we offer is in-office IV sedation, which can be used during the procedure to make the patient feel relaxed and at ease. We also give our patients the option of watching TV, as well as:
  • Noise reducing headphones
  • Neck pillows
  • A blanket
  • Warm facial towels

Visiting Us May Be More Important Than You Think

Skipping on dental visits puts not just your mouth at risk, but your whole body health. Research has shown that the health of your body is equivalent to the health of your mouth. Not taking proper care of your smile can promote a range of disease from diabetes, leukemia, oral cancers, pancreatic cancer, heart disease and kidney disease.
For your child, oral health is important not just for their teeth and gums, but for their overall health, as well. Tooth decay is almost entirely preventable, but it is the most common chronic disease in children. More than 40% of children from the ages of 2-11 have had a cavity in their baby teeth, and more than 2/3 of 16-19 year olds have had a cavity in their permanent teeth. Keep updated on your dental visits to prevent your child from falling in this statistic.
To learn more about our cosmetic dental procedures or to schedule an oral exam, call us today at (859) 442-8200 while you still have time! Our staff works together on a daily basis and is committed to exceeding your expectations.