Healthy Halloween Treats

Happy Halloween! Even though we are a dentist’s office (sugar, candy, cavities, oh no!) we actually love Halloween time! So, instead of discussing the hazards of candy and the potential for cavities, we are going to provide a list of some healthy treat options to pass out on Halloween! We will include some sugar free options and also some healthier alternatives to hard, chewy sticky candy so that you can have the healthiest Halloween possible this year!

1.    TOYS! – most kids love toys. While everyone else is passing out the same 10 types of candy, at your door mix it up. Kids love slime, sticky hands, bouncy balls and temporary tattoos. This will keep children busy, won’t get them all hyper from sugar and will last more than one day! Dentists and parents will thank you!

2.    Snack Treats – this is always a fun treat I loved to receive, like spooky shaped pretzels, gold fish, snack bars and crackers. These treats are fun because kids can take them to school in their lunch box and they’re a healthy alternative to sticky, sugary, gooey candy.

3.    Coupons – I know when I was younger Frisch’s Big Boys and Wendys used to have coupon booklets that people could buy and pass out on Halloween.   What a great idea!  I’d much rather have a Wendy’s Frosty than a Laffy Taffy anyway! 

4.    Candy with Xylitol – many companies have started making ‘healthy candy’ with xylitol and low sugar. Xylitol actually cleans children’s teeth instead of causing cavities, and the low sugar content will prevent hyper children on “sugar-highs”. At our office we purchase Dr. Scholl’s candy – a line of sugar-free, Xylitol candies that you can buy on Amazon including everything from lollipops to chocolate and they taste amazing!

5.    Candy – if you can’t break from tradition and love candy, we have some tips for how you can make it healthy. First of all, look for candies with real fruit juice that have no added sugar, these are much better than artificial sugar-packed treats. Candies with nuts or nut-butters are a great idea and tend to be healthier, although with so many nut allergies you have to be careful with this and provide nut-free options too.  Another option would be to opt for dark chocolate instead of regular chocolate – dark chocolate has been found to have more nutrients and benefits than regular chocolate.

No matter what you pass out, we wish you and your family a Happy Halloween and encourage you to brush and floss your teeth very well for the next few weeks to prevent cavities and don’t forget to schedule your biannual cleaning with our office to ensure your smile is healthy and cavity-free! Call our office at 859-442-8200; the end of the year is filling up fast!