Northern Kentucky Cosmetic Dentistry: Cheers to a New Year and Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry Northern KentuckyThe glittery outfits, crisp air and the sound of glasses clinking—New Year’s Eve is soon to be upon us. And before you meet friends and family to celebrate the new year. Why not enter 2014 with a brighter, younger looking smile! Schedule an appointment at Dental Blu, North Kentucky cosmetic dentistry practice, for a professional teeth whitening. You can go with an at-home whitening system, or you can choose to get your teeth professionally whitened. It is your choice. 

Facts About Getting Teeth Professionally Whitened 

While many people may see positive results from over-the-counter products, there are some things an at-home whitening can’t do. Since New Year’s Eve is around the corner, you will get faster results from an in-office whitening. Drs. Ansley Depp and Angela Arlinghaus have the experience and best advice regarding cosmetic dentistry. In Northern Kentucky, there are three reasons why you might consider receiving in-office treatment.
Protect your mouth – your gums and the rest of your mouth can be sensitive towards whitening agents. With a dentist administering the solution, he/she can make sure to properly protect sensitive areas.
Visible results – After one in-office visit, you will see a smile that has been brightened at least 8-10 shades. If you are in a pinch and need quick results, talk to Drs. Depp and Arlinghaus at Dr. Depp’s Northern Kentucky cosmetic dentistry practice.
Tooth sensitivity – If you whiten at home, you might experience more sensitivity. Most in-office whitening systems are meant to measure the solution’s strength, so the whitening agent doesn’t agitate the teeth. Also, tooth sensitivity could be a sign of weakened enamel—a dentist will be able to identify that right away.
If you want a visibly brighter smile before your New Year’s Eve festivities, consider visiting Drs. Depp and Arlinghaus. Please have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year’s Eve.