“Nothing to Fear Day” at Dental BLU: Our New Protocols for COVID-19

Wednesday May 27th is a national holiday known as “Nothing to Fear Day”. It was given this title because of a statement by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on May 27th,  1941 when he said “We must not be defeated by the fear of the very danger which we are preparing to resist.” This year this holiday seems to have a new meaning as COVID-19 is definitely something we should all be aware of and take more caution to be safe right now, however we wanted to write a blog post informing our patients of all of the new protocols at Dental BLU to keep our patients safe! Hopefully, after reading this article, you will see that there is “nothing to fear” when scheduling your appointment and coming back to see us, as we are working our hardest to protect you and your families, as well as our team members! Some of our newest changes to our office to keep everyone safe are:  

  • We ask that if you have a mask that you bring it with you to your appointment so you can wear it in the office before and after your treatment as our supplies are limited.
  • When you arrive, we ask that you please text us via your confirmation message that you have arrived or knock on the front door as the door will be locked.  As a reminder, please follow social distancing guidelines as you approach the door.  You will be greeted by a staff member where they will take your temperature & will ask you a few questions.  We will give you hand sanitizer & have sanitizing spray for your shoes.  If you have to update forms, you will be taken back to your designated room and they will be filled out electronically on an iPad.
  • Due to social distancing guidelines, we ask that only the patient comes into the office and any parents, guardians, caretakers, etc., wait in the car for the duration of the appointment. The reception area is not open at this time.
  • Once in the treatment room, you will be asked to rinse with Hydrogen Peroxide or another approved rinse to minimize the viral transmission during treatment.
  • We have installed GermAwayUV Xtreme Heavy Duty Surface UV-C Sterilizers for each room.  These are used in hospitals, ambulances, and in food production to sterilize large areas with great efficacy.  This will be used to sanitize the rooms between patients.  You will notice medical-grade drapes hanging in the doorways as well.  These are to contain the UVC light. 
  • We have also installed UV-C Air Purifiers and HEPA Filters to cleanse the air in each treatment room as well as the reception area. 
  • We also have extraoral chairside suction devices to control the aerosol during appointments.
  • When receiving treatment, the doctors are implementing the use of dental dams or specialized IsoVacs that will be used on each patient.  These tools drastically reduce the amount of aerosol that is released into the room. 
  • Our doctors and staff will be wearing more personal protective gear to protect you as well as ourselves.  This pandemic has led the CDC and our state dental board to update the PPE requirements for dental health care providers.  Due to the high demand & minimal availability of these products-costs of risen drastically.  For a period of time there will be a $10 Personal Protective Equipment Fee added to each appointment.  The American Dental Association has reached out to insurance companies to ask them to cover these extra charges.  Some of them are.  Some are not.  If you have a concern please reach out to your insurance provider and ask them to cover these charges.  Hopefully, in the future, these costs will become reasonable again.  We are working diligently to minimize these fees but also keep our staff and patients safe. 
  • Appointments will be managed to allow for adequate social distancing as well as proper disinfection and sanitization of each treatment room; therefore, there may be fewer appointment times available. Please bear with us as we learn to navigate this changing social environment and new safety regulations, and know that we will always do our best to accommodate you safely and in a timely fashion.

We are so happy to be seeing patients again, and we believe that with all of these new protocols there is “nothing to fear” when scheduling your appointment, as we are doing our best to keep you all and ourselves safe! Please call our office to reach out with any concerns at 859-442-8200, or to schedule an appointment for yourself or your family members!