The Benefits of Dental Bonding

Find out how dental bonding could fix your minor dental flaws and repair your smile.

If you are dealing with only minor dental problems than you probably can’t reap the benefits of certain procedures like dental veneers; however, the good news is if you are dealing with minor chips or cracks, or gaps between teeth these problems can easily be fixed with non-invasive and painless cosmetic dentistry in Northern Kentucky.

What is dental bonding?

This non-invasive cosmetic procedure uses a tooth-colored resin to cover over minor dental flaws to improve the appearance of your Dental Bondingsmile.

What can dental bonding be used for?

There are a variety of ways your Northern Kentucky cosmetic dentist uses dental bonding:

  • To fill cavities
  • To repair chips or cracks in teeth
  • To hide discolorations
  • To fill the spaces between teeth
  • To change the shape of the tooth

What is the tooth bonding process like?

There is little preparation needed since anesthesia is not required (unless you are having a cavity filled first). The first thing your cosmetic dentist will do is match the resin color to the rest of your teeth to make sure you have a uniformed smile.

Then we will roughen the surface of the tooth and apply a liquid that will help the resin stick to the tooth. Then the resin is applied. The resin is very much like putty, as it can be molded and shaped to cover over problem areas. Once we have the look we want, we will shine a laser over the tooth to harden the resin permanently. The whole process takes about 30 to 60 minutes a tooth.

What makes dental bonding beneficial?

You can fix minor dental problems through one easy, inexpensive and non-invasive treatment. Other treatments like dental veneers require a little more preparation and more extensive changes. Plus, dental bonding can be performed in only one visit. Also, for those who are scared of needles, dental bonding is a great choice because it’s painless and doesn’t require anesthesia.

To find out more about dental bonding and whether it’s a good option for your smile, call your Northern Kentucky dentist today to schedule a consultation.