Plan Details


Regular oral care is an important part of your overall health care.  At Dental BLU, we don't want the cost of dental treatment to stop you from living the healthiest life you can.  Protect your smile, your health, and your wallet by joining the BLU Smiles Protection Plan. 

This is an annual plan that has been developed to deliver quality dental care services to families like yours, at prices that make sense in today's economy.  Services for this plan are only offered at our office, located at 2600 Alexandria Pike in Highland Heights, KY.  After your membership is effective, simply call the dental office for an appointment.

There are NO deductibles, NO yearly maximums, NO pre-determinations, NO claim forms, NO third party red tape, and NO waiting periods.  Plans starting as low as $288!

The BLU Smiles Protection Plan provides teeth cleanings, examinations, fluoride treatments, oral cancer screening and cavity detecting x-rays at NO CHARGE.  Your membership in this plan also ensures you a reduced fee schedule.  Additional comprehensive treatment or procedures are provided at REDUCED rates of 20% OFF.  Emergency exams will be provided at a REDUCED rate of $20 and treatment and necessary x-rays will be covered at the REDUCED rate of 20% OFF.  Whitening, cosmetic veneers and crowns, implant dentistry and orthodontics will be provided at the REDUCED rate of 15% OFF.

The annual premium will be collected in full before the plan is effective.