Tongue & Lip Tie

What is a tongue tie?

Tongue tie (ankyloglossia) is a condition present at birth that restricts the normal mobility and function of the tongue. The tissue under the tongue, called the lingual frenum, is unusually short, thick, or tight.  This tethers the tip (or just under the tip) of the tongue to the floor of the mouth, which may interfere with breastfeeding, eating, swallowing, or speaking. 

What is a lip tie?

Similar to a tongue tie, a lip tie is a short, thick, or tight frenum that restricts the movement of the upper lip.  

Should I have my tongue or lip tie released?

A frenectomy (surgical release of a tie) is recommended if associated symptoms are present.  Symptoms vary depending on the age and severity of the tie.  For breast feeding infants, tongue and lip ties can prevent babies from a proper latch and transfer of milk.  Common symptoms for breast feeding infants and mothers are listed below.

Infant's symptoms:

- poor latch

- falls asleep while attempting to latch

- slides off the nipple when attempting to latch

- colic symptoms

- reflux symptoms

- poor weight gain

- gumming or chewing the nipple when nursing

- unable to hold a pacifier in his or her mouth

- unable to use a bottle

- short sleep episodes requiring feedings every 2-3 hours

Mother's symptoms:

- creased, flattened, or blanched nipples after nursing

- cracked, bruised, or blistered nipples

- bleeding nipples

- severe pain when your infant attempts to latch

- poor or incomplete breast drainage

- infected nipples or breasts

- plugged ducts

- mastitis or nipple thrush

How is a frenectomy performed?

Our office uses the most advanced laser technology to release tongue and lip ties.  The Solea, today's state of the art CO2 laser, allows us to perform a release of the frenum(s) with minimal bleeding and post op discomfort.  

For breast feeding infants, we have a Lactation Consultant on site to help with baby's latch before and after the release.  

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