Bad Weather & Dental Pain

Have you ever noticed when the weather is bad your teeth may be more sensitive? This isn’t just because you’re having a bad day, it is actually very common to experience dental pain when it’s the weather is cold, rainy and dreary (like it has been for the past few weeks)! As the weather changes, your teeth can contract and expand in response to the changing temperatures and pressures outside. This can cause pain, similar to when you drink ice cold water and your teeth may feel sensitive. This expanding and contracting, if severe enough, can actually cause tiny cracks to form in your teeth. If you have large fillings, cavities beginning to form, or don’t have healthy oral hygiene you are at even greater risk for these cracks to form. If they get big enough, your enamel can erode and cause dentin, the inner part of your tooth, to be exposed. Dentin contains the nerves of your teeth, so if dentin is exposed you will most likely experience a severe toothache. These tiny cracks will definitely cause the need to have dental treatment in the future.

Another reason your teeth may feel pain during winter is actually from your sinuses! Sinuses are quite close to the root of your tooth, and if you have a stuffy nose or a sinus infection (which is common in the winter time) your sinuses may actually be pushing against the nerve of your tooth and causing pain. Many times this can cause quite severe pain in patients since the nerve is very sensitive, but it may actually not even be a problem with your tooth! After your sinus infection clears up, your tooth may even stop hurting. If it doesn’t, you are most likely dealing with another dental problem related to that tooth and not just your sinuses!

During this cold, rainy, flu-season it’s a great idea to keep an eye out for tooth pain. Does your tooth hurt mostly on rainy, cold days? Or when you wake up congested do you feel extreme pressure in your tooth? Or maybe you even have a toothache all of the time but it gets worse when you drink cold water! Any of these signs may be showing that you have an untreated dental problem that may need to be addressed. At the home page of our website we have a new “dental emergencies” feature. We encourage you to see if your dental problem shows up there and what advice we have for you, and if it’s severe enough to come in to be seen by one of the dentists to see if you need any dental treatment.

Whatever the reason, if you are experiencing dental pain this winter please don’t hesitate to call our office. Many times dental pain will not go away on its own, especially if it is related to the nerve or a cavity, so it is important to come in to see us so that your dental pain does not worsen. 

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